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Exhibition Information


15 to 25 original floating panel paintings of various sizes. Largest pieces are 24x36 inches.


Available through Blurb. This catalog is available in both soft and hard cover. The design can be easily customized to publicize donors, trustee, and other items unique to a particular installation.

Workshops and Lectures:

Information is available upon request. Each program is custom tailored to a particular audience.

Space Required:

Approximately 60 to 120 running feet.

Participation Fee:

$3,700.00 rental fee for two months.


Host institution will make arrangements and pay for shipping costs but will be assisted in the logistics by a member of the CreativeShare staff.


Host institution will provide a certificate of insurance for the entire replacement value of the rental exhibition. Value will vary depending on the pieces chosen for exhibition. Ball park estimate: $30,000–$55,000.

Available Dates:



Bob Barancik
215-964-3937 (cell)

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