About CreativeShare

“In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have always prevailed.” – Charles Darwin

The CreativeShare Vision: A Personal View from Bob Barancik, Founder and Catalyst-in-Residence

The purpose of all CreativeShare endeavors is to promote a more innovative, open, and humane society through interdisciplinary collaboration.

This will be accomplished through the production of videos and Web sites, workshops and gatherings, exhibits and performances, and book publishing.

A rustic CreativeShare Studio has been built on Long Island, Maine, for both creative personal retreats and collaborative interaction, and a biennial CreativeShare gathering was established in 2005.

The core group that developed this Web site includes:

Bob Barancik / Creative Catalyst

Bob Barancik is the founder and catalyst-in-residence of the CreativeShare Web site, CreativeShare Studio, and the CreativeShare conference. He received an M.A. from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, and dual degrees in fine arts and architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Bob has also completed extensive graduate studies in creative art therapies at the Medical College of Pennsylvania/Hahnemann University, and postgraduate work in organizational development at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City.

Amy Blake / Art Director

Amy Blake, along with her husband, Bob Barancik, is a co-creator of CreativeShare Studio and the CreativeShare gathering. Amy has over 25 years of experience as a communicator: an illustrator, designer, writer, and creative professional. Her work ranges from writing and designing annual reports for water utilities to illustrating children’s educational materials. Amy is passionate about the relationship between words and visuals, and how they work together to communicate.

Ted Chan / Business Consultant / Technical Project Manager

Ted Chan is a social entrepreneur who provides business and technical advice to CreativeShare and ArtNotHate. Ted Chan is a co-founder of Upward Mobility, an education company that develops content for wireless platforms. Ted was an early stage member of Moca, an open source tele-health and medical records system, the founder of MassWrestling.com and several other successful enterprises. Recently, Ted had an idea and successfully raised a first round of funding for a health care IT startup in Asia. Ted has a BA in Psychology and History with High Honors from Swarthmore College. He has a MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he was part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. He writes an influential blog about economics, finance and entrepreneurship at www.2bl.org.

Beth Sullivan / Graphic Designer

Beth Sullivan creates clean, attractive, and effective marketing material in a variety of visual media. As the designer of CreativeShare, Beth worked closely with the core group to translate the team’s vision to the Web. Though Beth works with a wide range of clientele, she specializes in helping artists, authors, and non-profit organizations meet their communication goals. She has had the pleasure of working with Bob Barancik and Amy Blake since 2001.