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Bob Barancik: Creative Life and Career Coach

The competition in the creative sectors of the American economy has always been intense and unremitting.

But now it is going global because of an increasingly digital workplace.

It is not easy for many creative people to find suitable entry-level jobs, sustain their drive and bearings through midlife, and then gracefully transition into satisfying “encore careers.”

My goal is to help you successfully navigate both the predictable problems of creative work and the unexpected dilemmas posed by an accident, illness, or other events.

My professional background includes considerable recognition as an award-winning video producer, artist, and cultural entrepreneur over three decades. I also have a very solid academic background. And I know something about using art and creativity to move through serious health challenges — and being the better for it.

The following Web links will present vivid online pictures of my creative work and credentials.

But creative life and career coaching is not about my résumé and accomplishments — it is about what you might be able to accomplish with some expert mentoring, guidance, and encouragement.

In a world of increasingly lean-and-mean organizations that are often buffeted by mergers, downsizing, and outsourcing, it is increasingly difficult for creative professionals at any stage of their careers to get beneficial and practical advice.

Ultimately, any productive and creative human relationship is about “chemistry.”

It is not just a matter of reading the right information or receiving a pep talk. 

If it were, you could just buy some relevant books and DVDs of motivational speakers, and solve all your creative-career problems by yourself.

There is only one way to find out if we click. And that is simply to contact me by e-mail at and tell me a little about your situation.

If I feel that there is a possibility of a successful coaching relationship, we can chat informally for ten to twenty minutes on the phone. There is no charge or obligation on either of our parts.

One caveat — my coaching cannot solve long-term unemployment, drug or alcohol problems, or impossibly messy family situations.

What my creative coaching can do is help you find creative options and resources, maintain a sense of humor and proportion while under stress, evaluate possible courses of action, break out of creative funks/blocks/dry spells, and stimulate your own problem-solving capabilities.

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