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Night is a terrain where most of us spend a third of our mortal life. It can be a place of sweet dreams or nightmares; wakefulness or a deep unconsciousness that has been termed “the dead of night.”

The nine “Nightscape” prints are expressionistic abstractions in black and white. Their meaning is uncertain—even to their creator. But the imagery seems to make some people pause and wonder what is going on inside themselves.

The graphics are both chaotic and well ordered—reflecting the human condition.


Technical Notes

The signature prints are 17x22 inches. The sheets are Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl 285gsm triple coated, lignin free, 100% alpha-cellulose paper.

The sheet is age resistant with a surface that is similar to a traditional silver gelatin double-weight photo paper.

The original mixed-media collages are approximately 9x12 inches. They were electronically scanned and then modified in Photoshop for digital printing.

Contact Bob Barancik

email: bobcreates@earthlink.net
cell+text: 215.964.3937


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