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Read by Roxanne Fay, a Tampa Bay actress, novelist, and playwright.
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My eyes tightly shut
I wait for daylight to come
with morning birdsong.

To create while time 
is still warm flesh and my eyes 
can feast on sunlight.

My eyes half open
I wait for the Messiah
to eclipse the sun.

Why do we tear the
fabric of our life apart
and make collages?

Our better angel 
resides in our tattered world
not above the clouds.

From the womb to tomb  
we forget to raise our heads
and behold the stars.

My eyes wide open
I wait for sleep to arrive
with her black veil.

The Europeans 
preach peace and love to the world
but love to goose step.

Cliques keep on clicking
you're out you're out you're out and
I‘m totally in.

I am so frazzled
world in a downward spiral
going nowhere fast.

The world drives us nuts
and keeps us in well-worn ruts
that’s the way it works.

Things might be looking 
up but it is hard to tell
too many signals.

We borough in dark 
tunnels of our own design
shadows of ourselves.

She pines for her man
who is out in the big world
doing god knows what.

by squareness and right angles
and blocks of boredom.

Their blue silhouettes 
tell nothing of their struggles
to stay together.

Adrift but not lost
riding waves of the unknown
I hear the surf crash.

Standing on the moon
astronaut waves to poet
on small blue dot.

I wonder at the 
wonder of it all and laugh

Our dreamless slumber
will outlast the stars and the 
comet’s fading tail.

An Interview with Roxanne Fay



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