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Although wildfires are an essential part of a healthy forest ecology, in our increasingly populated planet, they are most often started by human negligence or the desire to clear rainforests for pasture land for cows or crops, as in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.

Climate change has also fueled longer, stronger, and larger fires. These fires have been especially disastrous in megalopolis areas like Los Angeles, where large wooded areas abut dense housing and commercial development.These seven mixed-media print collages explore both my subconscious horror and fascination with a burning earth.

Technical Notes

The seven 12x16-inch panels are heavy weight Arches 100% rag cotton watercolor paper covered with multiple layers of archival pigmented acrylic ink. The collage elements are torn Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl paper prints with digital imagery by the artist.

Contact Bob Barancik

email: bobcreates@earthlink.net
cell+text: 215.964.3937


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