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Photo: Doug Emerson, 2008

“The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)” by Nancy 3. Hoffman and Larry Smith (MP3)

Nancy 3. Hoffman is a singer, accordionist, pianist, and musical director. In addition, she is the instigator, director, and curator of the World’s Only Umbrella Cover Museum. As a cabaret singer, Ms. Three is well known for singing in six or seven languages on any given program. Her act is a cross between a Broadway show, an international cabaret act, a stand-up routine, and a Jewish wedding. She has two solo CDs out, on which she sings as well as plays the accordion. Her talent, humor, warmth, and spontaneity make her programs highly entertaining.

Spending part of the year on Peaks Island, Maine, Nancy 3. is a member of two ethnic musical groups. The Casco Bay Tummlers, a klezmer band, has been playing Eastern European Jewish folk music for over 20 years. The band has been to Europe three times, and their third CD, Journey, has been critically acclaimed. The Maine Squeeze, an accordion ensemble that plays international folk music, is another of Nancy 3.’s groups.

The Umbrella Cover Museum, located on Peaks Island, is a collection of umbrella sleeves from around the world. Featured on NPR and BBC radio, and in numerous publications including the International Herald Tribune and the Boston Globe, this unique museum has a clear mission statement: “The Umbrella Cover Museum is dedicated to the appreciation of the mundane in everyday life, to finding wonder and beauty in the simplest of things, and to knowing that there is a story behind every cover.”

Ms. Hoffman has been awarded a Moss Hart award for excellence in community theater by the New England Theater Conference. She has performed in six countries, has released two solo CDs, has received a Portland Lyric Theater Award, and was chosen to be an artist at the Palenville Arts Colony.

Phone: (207) 766-4496

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