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Introduction to Maine Technology Institute: Investing in Promising Technologies

Bob Barancik and Gary Mormino interview Betsy Biemann, head of the Maine Technology Institute. When Biemann first arrived in Maine, technological advancement was a low priority in the state legislature. The funding allocated toward scientific research and development was a mere fraction compared to the budget in states like Florida and California. Maine was essentially non-competitive. The Maine Technology Institute was created to bolster support for Maine’s economic and environmental potential through scientific progress.

Maine is uniquely poised to be a leader in this industry: if properly tapped, the state’s vast natural resources could become fodder for the growing field of biotechnology and alternative energy. Currently, their 50 million dollars in state funding is going into research in bio-plastics, wind turbines, tidal energy, nano-materials, and more. Neglecting these opportunities would not only cause Maine’s economy to atrophy in an increasingly technological world, but the rest of the world lose out on the potential progress made toward green technology.

As Biemann states, through “strategic and purposeful” thinking, Maine is capable, not only of re-invigorating its own economy, but of becoming a highly competitive producer in the global market.

It appears that what’s good for this state is good for this planet!

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